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2/09/2012 12:03:00 pm - Reported by Harry Ward

A roundup of some of the merchandise due to be released over the next couple of months.

Action Figures Collectors Sets

Attack Of The Cybermen
Released: 24th February 2012
Pre-order from Forbidden Planet
1 x Peri action figure.
1 x Rogue Cyberman action figure (with detachable faceplate).
1 x Cybergun accessory.
Remembrance Of The Daleks
Released: 9th March 2012
Pre-order from Forbidden Planet
1 x Dalek Emperor Davros action figure.
1 x Destroyed Imperial Dalek action figure.
The Seeds of Doom
Released: 2nd April 2012
Pre-order from Forbidden Planet
1 x Fourth Doctor action figure
1 x Krynoid action figure
1 x Cutlass accessory
1 x Open Seed Pod accessory
1 x Closed Seed Pod accessory

Character Building

The Lego-compatible Character Building collection sees the release of a new Army Pack of Cybermen, featuring a Cyberleader and three Cybermen as seen in A Good Man Goes To War, plus the damaged "sentry" version from The Pandorica Opens. The set is due for release on 17th February.

The new figures join the existing "Cybus" Cybermen army released last year; other packs include red "Drone" Daleks and the Weeping Angels.

Masterpiece Collection

Titan Merchandise have announced a new addition to their Masterpiece range of sculptures:
After months of demand, Titan Merchandise are proud to debut the first in our limited edition, high-quality Doctor Who Masterpiece Collection Dalek range: the super-iconic "Genesis of the Daleks" design from the classic 1975 adventure (starring Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor) that introduced the Dalek's creator: Davros!

Taken from the original plans for this design, this 8" sculpt is exact in every detail and is a must-have item for all serious Doctor Who collectors.
The sculpture is due to be released on 30th April, and is available for pre-order.

Big Chief Studios

Big Chief Studios are to release a new, 9" vinyl figure of the 10th Doctor under their Dynamix Ultra Stylised Figures range:
Taking inspiration from the Doctor Who IDW comic series, Dynamix Ultra-Stylised Vinyl Figurines offer unique interpretations of your favourite characters from the world’s longest-running sci-fi TV show.

From his spikey hair, to his trademark flowing trench coat and pinstriped suit, the Tenth Doctor strikes a confident pose ready for his next time-travelling adventure.

Produced in a Worldwide Collectors Limited Edition of 3000, each figurine comes with a Doctor Who logo base and is packed in a window display box.
The figure is due to be released on 27th May, and is available for pre-order.

Zeon Ceramics

Zeon are to release two new ceramics based upon the TARDIS, with a money box expected for 19th March , followed by a tea pot on the 2nd May.