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12/19/2011 03:48:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Planet Skaro - Season Four

Planet Skaro Audios began life in 2006 as a one off fan project by the members of the Planet Skaro forum which proved to be so enjoyed by all involved a series of four more plays appeared in 2007 which make up the first season. A second season of seven stories followed in 2008 and a third season in 2009.

The fourth season began last year and after a few delays the range continues with the latest release:

A three part story by Martin Penny and Si Hunt.

The Doctor finds himself trapped with no memory and no idea which of his past and present companions can be trusted. Meanwhile an evil scheme is unfolding that threatens to bring about the end of the universe, with far reaching consequences for the Doctor and his companion Rob McCow.

The story can be heard by freely downloaded from the following links:
  • Part One - Why has the Doctor lost his memory and who isresponsible?
  • Part Two - Can the Doctor really trust either of his companions?
  • Part Three - Is it curtains for long-time companion Rob McCow?
A late addition to the season is also due to be released this month!
Merry Christmas Rob McCow!
By Richard Brinck-Johnsen

Set before the events of "Asylum", this story finds the Doctor taking his young companion Rob home for a family Christmas he'll never forget! More details soon from Planet Skaro.
Details of earlier releases can be found on the Planet Skaro audios website.

(with thanks to Richard Brinck-Johnsen and Si Hunt)

Enlightenment Issue #164

The latest issue of Enlightenment, the official fanzine of the Doctor Who Information Network, can now be ordered from their website.

In this issue:
  • CHRONIC FATIGUE - Editor Cameron Dixon suggests that this is the most fan-friendly season of the revived series to date.
  • WHOLINE - The latest news from the worlds of Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures.
  • FLUID LINKS - Robert Smith? examines the opening episodes of the series in a surprising manner.
  • SPRING 2011 REVIEW - Greg McElhatton isn't terribly besotted with The Curse of the Black Spot.
  • BLOCK TRANSFERS - Julie Chaston praises our discovery of who The Doctor's Wife is, in every sense.
  • LOVE AND MONSTERS - Friends, Romans, countrymen; Deborah Stanish comes to praise Rory Williams, not to bury him.
  • CRATER OF NEEDLES - Gian-Luca di Rocco sees no need to vent his spleen about The Rebel Flesh.
  • THE TEMPERED SCHISM - Peter McAlpine follows a good man to war, and finds that it's not as problematical as it appears.
  • LIONHEARTED - David J. Lamb bemoans the loss of one of the classic series' characteristics: the Doctor's asexuality.
Also, Graeme Burk reviews The Complete Fifth Series on DVD -- as well as The Ark, Planet of the Spiders and Terror of the Autons, The Awakening and Frontios, The Sunmakers and Paradise Towers, and Day of the Daleks. Plus, reviews of the April 2011 Eleventh Doctor novels, the Lost Stories Animal and Earth Aid, the BBC graphic novel The Only Good Dalek, and Time, Unincorporated: Volume 3.
(with thanks to Cameron Dixon)

The Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Quiz Book

The Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Quiz Book is a trivia quiz book compiled by Don Krouskop and covers all Doctors and televised story from An Unearthly Child through to A Christmas Carol. It is available to order from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

It's a trivia quiz! It's an episode guide! It's bigger on the inside than the outside! Test your knowledge of the most popular, enduring science-fiction series in the world with this comprehensive Doctor Who trivia quiz. With more than 1000 questions, covering every period in the program's five-decade history, it's the ultimate challenge for fans of television's #1 cult classic.

In these pages, you'll find questions like:
  • Who knitted the Fourth Doctor's trademark scarf?
  • "The Doctor's Daughter" guest star Georgia Moffett is the real-life daughter of what former Doctor Who star?
  • What alien race built the Genesis Ark?
  • The first episode of Doctor Who was broadcast just one day after what real-life tragedy?
  • How many holes are there inside the lock on the TARDIS door?
  • Dalek creator Terry Nation co-produced what iconic 1980s U.S action series?

Are you ready to put your Time Lord expertise on trial? Can you be the Master of Doctor Who minutiae? Only time will tell....
(with thanks to Don Krouskop)

The Dalek Project

This is a new project being undertaken by Tara Gill, kicking off in the New Year.
I will spend an entire year making Daleks. This all started because of a distant cousin in law's child. My husband's distant cousins, wife contacted me on Facebook some time ago. We became friends and she has these two awesome little girls. One is super girly girl but the other ... oooooh the other. She's a geek in training for sure. She adores Daleks.

I run an Etsy business and for years was primarily a knitter. But knitting can be expensive and it takes me quite a while to make enough items to stock a store. Wanting my business to be more successful I turned to polymer clay. It gave me the freedom to create more pieces and to rest my wrists when I really need it.

I made a Dalek for my cousins little girl. And then ... I made another. While I worked on them I saw limitless potential for what you can form a Dalek to look like.

Making something every day for a year is a daunting task but it can definitely be done. I want something more than JUST pictures taken with my phone or just kind of randomly snapped by one of my cameras. So I started to form a team. I've got a couple of photographers, makeup artists, and hair stylists to help make the pictures look far better than they would have otherwise.
The project will be available to see through Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr - details to follow soon.

(with thanks to Tara Gill)

Doctor Who Timeline

A complete timeline of Doctor Who from 1963 to present, including episodes, seasons, companions, villains, and more has been made available here.