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12/17/2011 09:39:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

The Doctor Who "massively multiplayer online" (MMO) game Worlds in Time moves a stage closer with the platform having now been made open to invited users in order to test and give feedback upon the initial gameplay.

Having been "invited" to join the Doctor in the TARDIS, initial registration for the game enables players to select their character name and race, choosing from four different races, Human, Silurian, Cat-person and Tree-person. Character avatars can then be adjusted to suit player preference before the final registration page.

Please note that in order to proceed into the game itself, those participating in the trial must agree to the terms and conditions; in particular:
You acknowledge that you have "early access" to the game in an incomplete form. By proceeding, you agree to hold strictly confidential any information about the game until it becomes public.

(with thanks to Vitas Varnas)