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8/24/2011 07:33:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

SFX have launched the Sci-Fi Awards for 2012, and unsurprisingly Doctor Who and Torchwood are suggestions for a number of the categories.

Both shows are suggested in the Best TV Show; others include Being Human, Fringe, Game of Thrones, Misfits, Primeval, and The Walking Dead. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are suggested for the Best Sci-Fi Actor and Actress categories, with the latter also featuring Alex Kingston (River Song), Suranne Jones (Idris) and Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper/Torchwood); other nominees include Aidan Turner and Russell Tovey for Being Human, Andrew Lincoln for The Walking Dead, and Antonia Thomas and Lauren Socha for Misfits. Myles and Jones also pop up in the Sexiest Female category, with John Barrowman represented in Sexiest Male.

Best Monster or Villain sees Madame Kovarian and The Silence suggested, against enemies such as The Red Skull from Captain America, Crowley (played by Doctor Who guest star Mark Sheppard) from Supernatural and Loki from Thor. Best Special Effect is represented by the opening sequence from A Good Man Goes To War; this competes against Asgard from Thor, Paul from Paul, and the train crash in Super 8.

Doctor Who is also suggested in the Best Collectable, Model, Toy or Boardgame category, with the Character Building TARDIS mini set competing with the Fifth Doctor and Tegan fancy dress outfits, plus items like Thor's Hammer and Captain America headphones.

Finally, the UK censored scenes of Jack from Torchwood: Miracle Day is mentioned in the Biggest Disappointment or Missed Opportunity category; this contains amongst other things the fairies in True Blood, Stan Lee absent from X-Men First Class, and Outcasts!

These are SFX's suggestions - you can actually vote for anything that has been released, published or broadcast between 15th December 2010 and 19th October 2011 via the voting site.

The winners will be revealed live at the SFX Weekender that takes place in early February 2012 and will be hosted by author Robert Rankin; the results will also be printed in Issue 219 of SFX (due out on the 8th February).