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8/19/2011 11:02:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

Big Finish have announced that Ian McNeice has joined the cast for their forthcoming Fourth Doctor audio adventure, Renaissance Man.

McNeice is perhaps best known to Doctor Who fans as the Doctor's old friend Winston Churchill, as seen in last year's Victory of the Daleks and The Pandorica Opens; he also featured in an earlier Big Finish adventure, playing Zeus in the Eighth Doctor story Immortal Beloved.

Renaissance Man is the second adventure in this series starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson, and was recorded on 17th August: the story sees the Doctor and Leela aiming to visit the Morovanian Museum but instead arriving at an English village, where they encounter the mysterious Harcourt (played by McNeice) and his household.

Episode titles for this series are expected to be announced shortly.

(with thanks to David Richardson, Richard Brinck-Johnsen)