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8/16/2011 10:22:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

Edward Russell, senior brand executive for Doctor Who, has finally confirmed what other media outlets have been speculating on for weeks, that the second half of the series returns in a couple of weeks time:
Finally, we can officially say Doctor Who airs on 27 August. Seems nuts that we can't announce it earlier but there are reasons for that!

The BBC have now issued their press pack for the series return, introduced by head writer Steven Moffat:
The wait is almost over. The second part of the thrilling new series of Doctor Who begins on 27 August 2011.

The rules have changed, and the game is deadlier than ever. Out in the universe, where the earthly rules of time and space do not apply, Amy and Rory know only too well that their baby daughter needs them. For Melody Pond is destined to become River Song, mysterious archaeologist and convicted murderer – the woman who killed the best man she ever knew...

The Doctor leads Amy and Rory across centuries and galaxies in a desperate search for baby Melody, but a terrible and inescapable date looms large. At 5.02pm on 22nd April 2011, the Doctor will die. These are his last days, and the quest for Melody his final mission.
The Press Pack includes interviews with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, and also discusses plotlines for the forthcoming stories, which may be considered spoilers.

The BBC have also released a video featuring Karen Gillan discussing what to expect in the up-and-coming episodes:

Karen Gillan discusses the second half of the series, BBC, via the BBC Doctor Who Site (may not be available outside the United Kingdom)

Last night saw a preview for Let's Kill Hitler take place at the British Film Institute, followed by a Q&A with Steven Moffat, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill; the Radio Times have published a review of the evening on their blog.

You can also read a transcript of the Q&A session courtesy of Ian Wylie.