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4/04/2011 02:19:00 am - Reported by Harry Ward

BBC America have released a new episode of Insider; looking behind-the-scenes of the 2011 Series of Doctor Who. See the video below.

The video premiered at the Doctor Who panel during WonderCon where Toby Haynes, Mark Sheppard and Neil Gaiman were talking about the new series. Two clips from the new series were shown. The first clip was from The Impossible Astronaut. Charlie Jane Anders of was at the event and described both of these scenes:
Mark Sheppard's character, Delaware, is drinking in a bar when he gets recruited for a government mission. Delaware has left the FBI but President Nixon wants him for a secret mission. "You were my second choice for this mission," Nixon tells Delaware. "That's all right," Delaware replies. "You were my second choice for president." And meanwhile, in the TARDIS, River Song is telling the Doctor and friends about Delaware and his mission.

The second clip shown was from Gaiman's episode, The Doctor's Wife:
"The Doctor, Amy and Rory are on the spaceship graveyard planet, meeting a group of four or five people — including an Ood. Amy is alarmed by the Ood, but the Doctor tells her not to be scared. The Ood has a broken speech globe, but the Doctor repairs it — at which point, a babble of weird voices comes out until it shuts off. The Doctor is incredibly freaked out, and starts asking who else is there. Just The House, explains the older woman in the group of natives. They're inside the House and standing on it — the whole planet is The House. The Doctor can meet The House if he likes. The Doctor is very eager to do so — and Amy asks what those voices were. "Time Lords," the Doctor explains. Near here someplace, there are "lots and lots of Time Lords."

Gaiman explained the backstory of his episode:
It was going to be episode eleven of the last season. But I got a sad email as they started shooting the last season, when they got up to the point where they were going to be shooting my episode. It said, "We've run out of money, so we're going to be shooting The Lodger instead because we can shoot that in a flat around the corner. And we can't make your episode in the flat around the corner."

Doctor Who Insider, BBC America, via YouTube

BBC America have recently redesigned their Doctor Who website which can now be found at They have also launched a new feature to their Anglophenia blog called Who's Days; "Who-related bits and bobs rounded up for you".

(with thanks to Alicia Cordova for her panel photo & io9 for the quotes)