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3/20/2011 11:05:00 am - Reported by Marcus

SFXThe website SFX has launched the SFX Blog Awards, honouring SF sites that were created for the love of the genre, and maintained by people out of love rather than money.

Nominations have been drawn up from suggestions made by members of the SFX Forum, SFX team members and the SFX Bloggers and include a number of Doctor Who sites including The Doctor Who News Page which is nominated as Best SF News Blog.

Gallifrey Base is nominated as Best SF Fan Community and Doctor Who Podshock as Best SF Podcast.

Life, Doctor Who And Combom and Who Fix are both nominated as Best SF Franchise Specific Site.

Paul Cornell, James Moran and Neil Gaiman are all nominated for Best Celebrity Blog.

You can vote in the awards at the SFX website.