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1/28/2011 01:14:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

The Doctor Who News Page is to undergo a "regeneration" this coming weekend, moving from our existing blogspot identity to our new domain.

This has been in progress for a few weeks now, with our other sub-sites Doctor Who in the Media and This Week in Doctor Who having already moved under the new naming scheme. Being that the update to the main news site may have a wider effect on readership, we've decided to announce what will happen with the change beforehand.

We do not expect anybody visiting the site to be impacted in any way, as the old address will automatically redirect to the new one. This will include news articles themselves, so any bookmarks should continue to function as before - we would recommend that these links to us are updated in the future, but this is not a high priority.

However, some news applications that utilise our feed may have to be reconfigured to point to the new feed address after the change; whilst Blogger will handle redirection for the feed, some applications may not recognise this and will no longer see articles. The easiest way will be to simply re-subscribe to the new address via our "Subscribe" option on the sidebar after the change has taken place in order to continue receiving the news feed.

We also expect the search facility may suffer some problems until Google catches up with our new indexing, but this should be resolved within a few days after the change.

The switchover to is expected to be made during this coming Saturday morning. As noted above, this should be seamless to those visiting the News Page, but please note that there may be some unforeseen issues that requires us to take the site offline for a little while.

As part of the new launch, we've introduced two new sections to the news site.

The Competitions section will cater for prizes that can be won, including those offered by the Doctor Who News Page - our latest competition to win a copy of K9 Series One Volume One is now online to enter!

We have also created a Reviews page, which we aim to populate with reviews of new and recently releases merchandise, kicking off with a review of the Doctor Who DVD Meglos.

In addition, we have updated our Events section to give a full guide to Doctor Who events around the world, and welcome submissions to the page at the new address

News items may now be sent to us via, and links to media coverage can be reported via