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1/03/2011 11:27:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

David Tennant talks about taking up the role of Jimmy Murphy in the BBC film United: "I am famously not that much of a football fan at all, so when the script arrived I didn't think that it was going to be for me. However, it really knocked me back and the emotional power of the story is what hooked me. The way I saw it was if it was affecting me, then it's one that is going to get to everyone." [Sunday Mail]

John Barrowman commented on how he feels the need to get back in shape: "I know I'm good-looking but I'm not egotistical, I have flaws. I have to dye my hair twice a month to get rid of all the grey, Scott doesn't like it grey. I also have these eye-flaps and bags. I have let myself go in the waist area; when I see myself naked, I know I'm heavy and out of shape - I need a hot personal trainer!" [Now Magazine]

Guardian critic Vicky Frost writes of high expectations for Steven Moffat: "As the successor to Russell T Davies at the helm of Doctor Who, Moffat had already become one of the few British TV writers to acquire the kind of recognition usually reserved for those on screen. But last summer's Sherlock, which Moffat co-wrote with Mark Gatiss, propelled him to a whole new level. "I've found myself in this situation and, let's be honest, I won't be in it for that long," Moffat says. "Nobody in their right minds could have expected this. It's ridiculous. I can't think of anyone having this much fun in TV at the moment."" [Guardian]

Moffat's Sherlock stablemate Mark Gatiss will be appearing at the Mill Arts Centre in Banbury on 7th January in aid of the Banbury and District Samaritans; described as an informal evening hosted by John Arthur, enabling the audience to meet and chat with the actor/writer. [with thanks to Steven Moffat]

Alex Kingston is due to be a guest on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS on 6th January. Kingston recently filmed in the UK and US for the next series of Doctor Who (and Matt Smith appeared on the show when shooting in the States in November). [with thanks to Dominic May]

Kylie Minogue (Astrid, Voyage of the Damned) has celebrated reaching five years since beating breast cancer. "I had a lot of support from around the world. A lot of it I didn’t see or hear, but I felt it. That might sound a little bit cosmic but in that kind of ­situation you need to reach for any positive feeling that you can. I really felt people’s good ­wishes. Sometimes you don’t want to be mollycoddled, you don’t want people treating you like you’re so ill. But what I found helpful is you have to let them help you. They are grieving as well. You have those moments when you’re down and so ­horribly, ­horribly low, but you still come up again, so believe in that." [Mirror]