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12/24/2010 10:34:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

Tomorrow (Christmas Day) sees BBC Radio One present The Tinsel Takeover 2010, a programme running throughout the day featuring twenty-seven Radio One listeners getting to present a fifteen minute show.

At around midday, Doctor Who gets a look-in with fan Adrian Davies taking on the mantle of presenting, as he tells the Doctor Who News Page:

I wanted to let you know I’m really excited and thrilled because I’m going to on the UK BBC Radio 1 on Christmas Day, they are doing an event called The Tinsel Takeover where listeners have had the chance to submit ideas for a 15 minute show including clips and music and they liked mine which I called Doctor Who at Christmas!

I’m going to be on tomorrow around 12pm, this link goes to a nice festive photo of me and I think will then include a link to the iPlayer for listening to it for up to 7 days after the show has been on.

I’m very excited about the show, but also rather nervous in case it doesn’t sound great, but we’ll see!! And being on a BBC channel on Christmas Day and when a new Doctor Who special is on BBC 1 later that day as well is incredibly thrilling……

Unfortunately as I had a cold and sore throat when I recorded Doctor Who at Christmas my voice isn’t at it’s best, oh well I was hoping I might sound good for voice overs but it’s such a fantastic opportunity and I’m so thrilled about it and hope it’s a bit of very un-cynical fun where I delight in the Christmas Doctor Who stories. Hopefully I don’t sound too geeky on it….. Oops….

Today saw a celebrity takeover of the radio station with the Top Ten of 2010; the 8:00-9:00am slot featured Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan presenting their favourite songs for the year - the show is repeated on Boxing Day at 2:00pm and is available to listen to on the BBC iPlayer until New Year's Eve.