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12/15/2010 01:45:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

A number of videos have been released on the BBC website in the last couple of days relating to publicity for the Christmas special, A Christmas Carol; these appeared on BBC news programmes, but are sometimes extended versions online.

In this video, Matt Smith talks to Lizo Mzimba about his thoughts on the Christmas special, during which he was asked if he felt any pressure over ratings with previous specials doing so well at Christmas:
I hope it continues to do well, I really do. Yeah, but I can't really feel any pressure for it because I've done it now, I've made it, so c'est la vie, what will be will be, it's out of my control. But I think it's a great episode and it will be a nice way to spend it with someone.
Matt was also very surprised to find out that he'd been known as the Doctor for nigh on two years:
"Is it really? Blimey oh Riley. God, that's a long time, isn't it! It's whizzed by I suppose because we're very busy up in Cardiff, but, yeah it's been a wonderful two years, it's been a privilege to play it, I have to say, and it's been a great experience for me, it really has."
The video includes several brief scenes from A Christmas Carol.

Children's news programme Newsround featured a truncated version of the above video, which was broadcast during their television bulletins. Here, Matt talked about emotional impact of the special:
It's a very Christmassy Doctor Who, and I think that Stephen (Moffat) has interpreted and managed the spirits of the Doctor. Particularly in the retelling of classical stories, anyway; if you look back at the classic stories that tend to hit us over Christmas, a lot of the great ones do pull at the heart strings.

As reported earlier tonight, Katherine Jenkins visited her old primary school in the afternoon. During this video, she was asked how she found filming for her first acting role in a BBC Wales production:
Well we filmed it over about three/four weeks, in Wales of course, and so that was lovely because I was able to come home and see the family. It's challenging in so many ways because I'd never done any green screen stuff either, so all the sleigh/carriage stuff, the flying scenes ... when you're just in a room with a fan and having to scream on tap, you know, it was sometimes quite wierd. But lots of fun, cos I was in the carriage sometimes with Matt, and sometimes with Michael Gambon and so we had a really good laugh.

I cannot thank them enough, the whole Doctor Who family have been brilliant at making me feel very welcome and making me feel like I could do this. Matt is so energetic and so enthusiastic, and I kept thinking I when was doing scenes with Sir Michael Gambon, "how has this happened, how am I acting here across from Dumbledore" - it was just a very surreal moment.

This is my debut, and for it to be such a typically Welsh show, I think that was part as well in making me feel so at ease, because most of the crew are Welsh-based. Yeah, it was really, really lovely and I've got great memories of it and I don't think I could have done it without everyone being involved.

Monday saw television critic Alison Graham on BBC's Breakfast chatting about what she thinks are the programmes to watch over Christmas; Doctor Who was of course one of her favourites, which she discusses in this video segment from the programme.
The special I thought was lovely, it was very, very, very Christmassy, it was snowy, based on A Christmas Carol, so can't get more Christmassy! One man has the power to rescue everybody, but he's Michael Gambon, a very Scrooge type, so the ghost of Christmas past, who's the Doctor, comes in and tries to make him see the error of his ways. I loved it, quite warmed my heart!

Finally, Catherine Tate appeared on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday morning; in this video she briefly talks about her experience with meeting Daleks!