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12/10/2010 04:09:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

TorchwoodA couple of cast members from the previous series of Torchwood have tweeted today on their involvement in the next series, The New World.

Confirmed last month, Kai Owen who plays Gwen's husband Rhys will be returning to the show; in a tweet this afternoon the actor reported:
In about one month from today I'm gonna be putting on my 'Rhys' costume once more!!
Meanwhile, actor and comedian Tom Price, who played Gwen's former colleague in the police Andy Davidson, has hinted that he too would be back in the next series; in response to Owen's comment:
@KaiKaiOwen I look forward to seeing that costume. Jeans and a t-shirt, yeah?
Sorting out a US visa. Now...why would I be doing that?
Doing a little bit of Torching Wood in America next year. Already trying out my Welsh/LA accent. It's SO hot, like.
You can follow both actors on Twitter from their respective accounts, @kaikaiowen and @pricetom; you can also receive updates from both Eve Myles (via her fan-feed @EveMylesFans) and John Barrowman (via his official site feed @Team_Barrowman).