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10/22/2010 12:31:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Doctor WhoA holiday cottage, designed as a tribute to a long term Doctor Who fan, has opened in the South East of England.

Doctor John Smith's Cottage has been set up in memory of David Bannister who died suddenly last year at the age of 51, leaving a large collection of Doctor Who memorabilia.

Bannister had been a fan of the series since childhood and shared many happy moments watching the series with his brother Tony, who decided to refit a cottage in Kent in memory of his brother.

The property houses Bannister's extensive library of DVDs, CDs and books all of which are available for the use of the tenants. There is a Dalek in the living room and the private Courtyard features a blue Police Box.

The property is based at Lydd, one of the larger towns on the Romney Marsh in Kent. Bookings can made via the website.