Monday, 25 October 2010

Blue Box 2

Doctor Who: Blue BoxThe second issue of the fanzine Blue Box is now available.

In this issue
  • 10 Films Every Doctor Who Fan Should Watch by Ian Wheeler
  • Escaping Sunbeams (Fan Fiction) by Robin Bell
  • Horror of Fang Rock Review by Richard Farrell
  • Season Fnarg Reviews by William JP Turner, David MacGowan and Jez Strickley
  • Paul Cornell Interview Part 2
  • Art by Nathan Lindsell
  • Prom Review by Tim Drury
  • Rumours of Death by Jez Strickley

The Fanzine, which comes with a cover from Draculasaurus costs £1.50 in the UK and £2.50 for the rest of world. It can be ordered by PayPal from Email for other options.