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9/11/2010 04:00:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Doctor Who: Katy ManningActress Katy Manning has launched a new website called Katy's World.

Manning played Jo Grant, alongside Third Doctor Jon Pertwee, for three seasons in the early seventies. She is due to make a guest appearance in the upcoming fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures alongside Matt Smith.

The new website contains a welcome message from Manning, a biography, a Question and Answer section, a picture gallery and news about how she feels about returning to the character of Jo Grant nearly 40 years after she created her.
It was wonderful playing Jo again. The script was by Russell T Davies and it's superb. We find out what happened to Jo since she parted company with the Doctor at the end of The Green Death

Katy Manning wants fans to know that the website is her only online presence and she is not on Twitter, Facebook or any of the social networking sites.