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9/13/2010 02:40:00 am - Reported by Marcus

TorchwoodWriter John Fay has been talking to scyfilove about his work on Torchwood.

Fay was responsible for two episodes of Children of Earth, the third series of Torchwood, including the episode which saw the demise of Ianto Jones. It was announced in the Summer that he will be part of the writing team for Series Four, The New World.

Fay recently returned from three weeks in Los Angeles working on the plotlines for the new 10 episode series. He talked about his respect for his fellow writers on the series and for showrunner Russell T Davies, and the global focus the series will have for its fourth outing.
I’m very excited about The New World. Like anything in life you can rest on your laurels, or you can try to push on again and achieve something new. That is what Russell has done. On Children of Earth he had a very clear and defined vision, but what he has outlined for The New World is equally, if not more ambitious than before

Fay also talked about the controversial decision to kill off Ianto Jones, one of the series most popular characters, something that caused dismay within a group of fans who sent petitions protesting the death to the BBC. Fay has no regrets
Russell wanted that to happen, although they are my words. It was absolutely the right thing to do though from the point of view of the story and what it gave to the last episode. The strength of Torchwood is that you don’t know the heroes are going to survive.