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7/02/2010 06:09:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens
UPDATE 12 July 2010
BARB have updated the figures sent to broadcaster to include a missing episode of EastEnders, moving Doctor Who down to fifth place on BBC One and Tenth place overall.

Final figures for Episode Twelve of Doctor Who, The Pandorica Opens, show the story was watched by 7.57 million viewers.

On BBC One it is understood the programme got 6.94 million watching, enough to make it the fourth most watched programme of the week for BBC One, just being beaten by three matches in the Fifa World Cup.

As previously reported an additional 0.635 million watched on BBC HD and when added together the programme totalled 7.58 million viewers with an audience share of 37 percent.

A full top thirty is not available as figures have not been released for all channels, However we understand Doctor Who finished the week as the 9th most watched programme on British Television.

The final audience for the Sunday repeat of The Pandorica Opens was 0.52 million and the final audience for Saturdays Doctor Who Confidential, including BBC HD, was 0.85 million viewers.

Full ratings for the series so far can be found in Gallifrey Base.