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6/13/2010 01:07:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Tom BakerTom Baker is once more returning to the role of the fourth Doctor in a second series of audio plays, Demon Quest, for BBC Audiobooks.

Baker appeared in the series Hornet's Nest last year alongside Richard Franklin as Captain Mike Yates, this first time he had played the part of the Doctor for many years.

Demon Quest is written by Paul Magrs, who also wrote Hornet's Quest. No details are yet available about the supporting cast in the series, which will be released over five instalments.

  • 1: Relics of Time - Released 2 September
  • 2: Demon of Paris - Released 7 October
  • 3: Shard of Ice - Released 4 November
  • 4: Starfall - Released 2 December
  • 5: Sepulchre - Released 2 December