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6/18/2010 12:32:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Doctor Who: TARDISThe TARDIS used by ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston is on of many Doctor Who releated items to be auctioned at Bonhams on June 23rd.

The prop was created in 2005 and has an estimate of £8,000 to £12,000. A smaller model measuring 5ft tall, created for an exhibition has an estimate of £300 to £400.

Also up for grabs are some of the oldest props from the series ever to appear at auction, including one of the earliest surviving Daleks and a Cyberman helmet from the second Doctor stories, The Moonbase and The Tomb Of The Cybermen, which is set to sell for £3,000 to £4,000.

A number of props made specially for exhibitions are also available.

Lot No: 142W
Doctor Who: Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor,
A complete Tardis prop, circa 2005,
of painted rasped wood panel and glass construction, the base having painted parquet effect floor, panels fastening using bracket and bolt, having a pair of hinged doors, on with Yale® lock, with windows to doors and signage to front, top section of Tardis with removable 'Police Box' signs, interior of Tardis roof with a number of miniature lights, and further interior lighting, the roof with removable lamp to top, height approximately 10ft

Estimate: £8,000 - 12,000
Lot No: 126
Part believed to be from Dr. Who And The Daleks, 1964 and The Chase, 1965
A Dalek, with back section removed to reveal interior,
of wood, plastic and metal, the skirt section heavily overpainted in grey, with blue hemispheres, with quilted fabric to removed rear section edges, the shoulder, neck and dome sections created for exhibition purposes, plunger missing, slats of plastic with impressed foam between, height approximately 64 inches.

Thought to have been acquired by the BBC from the film company Aura after completion of 'Dr. Who And The Daleks', the Dalek was then used during the 1965 William Hartnell era story 'The Chase'. Subsequently, the piece was altered for exhibition purposes, including the removal of the back section.

Estimate: £2,000 - 3,000
Lot No: 127
Doctor Who: The original cover artwork for 'The Dalek Book', 1964,
watercolour and gouache on paper, unsigned, mounted, framed and glazed, together with an original copy of the annual, artwork 31.5 x 42.5cm (12½ x 16¾in)

Estimate: £500 - 700
Lot No: 128
Part believed to be from The Evil of the Daleks, 1967
A Dalek (heavily altered for Exhibition purposes),
of wood, plastic and metal construction, distressed overall, with black body and blue hemispheres overpainted grey (all now flaking), with narrow single panel set of hemispheres to rear skirt, the neck and dome sections created for exhibition purposes (plunger and eye missing), slats of metal, much of dome section missing, height approximately 61 inches

Estimate: £2,000 - 3,000

t is believed that the skirt and shoulder sections of this Dalek were used on 'Evil of the Daleks' in 1967.

The rear of the skirt section reveals a single panel of hemispheres, however Daleks skirt sections ordinarily feature two rows of hemispheres. The single panel section were used during this particular episode, it has been suggested, so that the Daleks could travel through doors whilst on set.
Lot No: 129
Moonbase and The Tomb of the Cybermen, 1967
A Cyberman helmet,
of silver painted fibreglass, having removable panel to back with hook and catch fastening, tape applied round eyes and mouth, eight drilled holes in circular shape to either side of helmet and two drill holes to neck, eyes internally covered with wire mesh, clear plastic poles to either side of head covered in silver paint (now flaking), some cracking and loss to fibreglass, interior with one foam ear protector and elasticated loop to top, height 16 inches (40.5cm)

Estimate: £3,000 - 4,000
Lot No: 130
The Seeds of Doom, January - March 1976
A Krynoid pod,
of moulded and painted resin, together with a copy of 'The Doctor Who Monster Book', signed by all of the cast and many members of the crew from the episode including Tom Baker inscribed 'Who is this Tom Baker?', Elisabeth Sladen, John Challis, Tony Beckley, Keith Gilbert, Mark Jones, Douglas Camfield and Philip Hinchcliffe a copy of the VHS of the episode and the 'Doctor Who And The Seeds of Doom' paperback by Philip Hinchcliffe, height 4 inches, width 4½ inches

Estimate: £350 - 400
Lot No: 131
Resurrection Of The Daleks, February 1984
A Dalek Guard costume, worn by Rula Lenska as 'Styles',
comprising; fibreglass helmet and chest and backplates, heavy cotton boiler suit with black and yellow vinyl patches, neck inscribed in ballpoint Rula Lenska 88=34'', black rubber gloves and moulded weapon

Estimate: £800 - 1,200
Lot No: 132
Dr. Who: a Cyberman costume,
the heavy cotton boiler suit with stud fasteners, sprayed with silver paint and with applied tubing and net panels, label to inside neck faintly inscribed Ken Baker (sic), with certificate

Estimate: £1,500 - 2,000
Lot No: 133
Doctor Who - The Ultimate Adventure (Stage Play), 1989
A Zog costume,
the headpiece, hands and feet of moulded foam latex, with plastic eyes, the body heavily applied with faux fur fabric, on mannequin and base, height 62 inches