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6/12/2010 02:43:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

After some three years of touring, Toby Hadoke's acclaimed one man show Moths Ate My Doctor Who will be coming to an end with a triumphant return to its roots at the Edinburgh Fringe in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on 20th August. This is likely to be the last time the show is performed in Scotland, with few other shows subsequently, as Hadoke's new show is launched.

Now I Know My BBC will be a brand new show, with entirely new material for 2010 and beyond. Says the press release:
In a heartfelt love letter to Auntie Beeb, Hadoke justifies a square-eyed childhood with a romp through 30 years of TV icons: the only comedy show in history to mention Quatermass, The Clangers and Juliet Bravo. There might even be a joke about A For Andromeda. Passionate and stroppy enough to be on Points Of View (during the Wogan years).

'Always riotously funny; sometimes surprisingly touching.' (Time Out) Critic's Choice 'Recommended. Surprisingly effective show with an emotional kick.' (Times) 'Eloquent, passionate, forthright, Hadoke is charming" (Chortle)

The show is being performed at The Underbelly in Edinburgh between 5th and 29th August.

For more details, visit the Toby Hadoke official website.