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4/19/2010 04:33:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Sticker collectibles producer Topps will be releasing a new edition of their Doctor Who Stickers and Album collection, "following the Eleventh Doctor and his brand new assistant on their amazing journey through time and space".

Ruth Leonard, Entertainment Marketing Director, Topps Europe, said:
We are delighted yet again, to be releasing an all new Doctor Who collection! Doctor Who fanatics are on the edge of their seats as the new series continues, and we are expecting sales of the sticker collection to reflect the phenomenon that is Doctor Who.

We are teaming up with to reward purchasers of the collection a chance to win some exclusive Doctor Who prizes and are looking forward to a great reaction from the fan base.

As well as the new Doctor, the new collection will also feature the 2009 specials, and also the most popular characters in the series, aliens, Cybermen, and of course the Daleks. There will be some 260 stickers in total to collect, with the 48 page album also featuring an A2 wall chart.

The collection is expected to launch during the first week of May.