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4/19/2010 04:37:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Beast BelowFinal figures for The Beast Below published today by BARB show the story was watched by 8.42 million viewers.

The total is once more much higher than the initial overnight reported figure, implying many time-shifted the episode.

On BBC One the story had 7.93 million watching, enough to make the story the fifth most watched on the channel for the week, behind four editions of EastEnders, and the eleventh most watched on all British television. However an additional 494,000 people watched the simulcast on BBC HD, the identical audience to the week before. This gave the story a total audience 8.42 million, making it the tenth most watched overall.

On BBC Three the Sunday repeat had 0.82 million watching and was the sixteenth most watched programme on multi-channel for the week.