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4/09/2010 06:59:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The BBC has published a blog on the recent relaunch of the official BBC Doctor Who website.

Written by Andy Dudfield, the Delivery Manager, Future Media & Technology in BBC Wales, the blog explores the brief for the relaunch and the work done to try to make the official site the no.1 destination to experience the world of Doctor Who.

As well as introducing brand new sections for viewers to explore and learn more about characters and monsters from the series, the site will be bring a higher level of production news and will be used to break important Doctor Who stories.

The blog singles out the Fun and Games section of the site as a major priority. A brand new look and feel has been given to this section and it is hoped this will help keep it visually engaging and entertaining. There is also a significant piece of work underway to unlock the archive and move content from the old into the new site.