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3/17/2010 11:59:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Tom BakerAnswering questions on his official website, Fourth Doctor Tom Baker has said that he has agreed to record a Big Finish Audio production.

Baker was answering a question asking what story he would do if he was given carte blanche to create any story he wanted. He replied that he has been in talks with Big Finish and that they have accepted some of his ideas. Baker recorded Hornets' Nest for BBC Audio last year, but has never worked for Big Finish before. Any project is likely to be in early stages of production and has not been confirmed by Big Finish. (But see update below.)

Tom Baker is answering about 20 questions per month via his website. Questions need to be submitted via the forum on the website.  Please read the guidelines before posting.

UPDATE, 18 March:
Big Finish has posted a confirmation, of sorts, on their website:
In the wake of a large amount of speculation on the internet about the possibility of Tom Baker working on Doctor Who audio productions with Big Finish, we thought we'd state the facts as they are now.

Tom Baker would like to confirm that "warm contact" has been made with Big Finish and that he's "enthusiastic" to work with us. He adds, wryly, "In my twilight years, I am looking forward to a tremendous Big Finish and the sooner the better."

Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs: "Tom and I have been communicating about possible projects for some time. There is really no firm news other than that, but we are both keen to make something happen. Lis Sladen, Louise Jameson and Nicholas Courtney have also expressed an interest in being involved, but no storylines have been written or approved yet and we don't anticipate anything being available before 2011."

Louise Jameson today said, "I'm delighted at the possibility of working with Tom again now we have this new found friendship. I've always rated him as a brilliant and unique actor with the most marvellous voice, Big Finish must be over the moon that he has agreed to re-visiting the sci-fi world."

Big Finish would like to stress that any audio productions it may make featuring Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor would not clash with or affect Tom's continuing, highly successful work with BBC Audiobooks.

So, to summarize: as the Nucleus of the Swarm once said, contact has been made; however, nothing solid is yet in the works.