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3/21/2010 01:03:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

A new trailer has been broadcast by the BBC for the forthcoming series; like the first one broadcast on New Year's Day, this one features a variety of clips of scenes and monsters that we can look forward to in the series, though the broadcast date has still yet to be formally revealed, again simply cited as "Easter 2010".

There is one key difference between the official broadcast trailer and the one that has recently appeared unofficially on sites such as Digital Spy in that the end shot of the Doctor has been changed from him holding a gun to him simply talking to screen!

BBC America have also released a trailer for the series, starting in the USA and Canada on the 17th April. This version is a variation of the UK one, presenting a number of different clips to the former.

Both the UK and US versions will appear on official sites soon.