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3/25/2010 06:16:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The UK Sci-Fi channel is devoting much of the Easter holiday weekend to repeats of episodes from the classic series of Doctor Who.

Stories from the 4th, 5th and 6th Doctors are being shown starting at 2pm on Good Friday.

Friday 2nd April
1400-1600 - The Ark in Space
The Doctor investigates sinister goings-on at a space station used as a deep-freeze for the whole future population of Earth. He discovers that the station has been invaded by giant alien insects, the Wirrn.
1600-1800 - The Face of Evil
The Doctor meets the Tribe of Sevateem on a jungle planet - and finds himself hunted as the Evil One.
1800-2000 - Pyramids of Mars
When an archaeologist uncovers an ancient Egyptian tomb in 1911, he also awakens Sutekh, the alien god of evil, who is trapped in his prison on Mars.
2000-2200 - Ark in Space (Repeat from 2pm)

Saturday 3rd April
1400-1600 - Face of Evil (Repeat from Friday)
1600-1800 - Pyramids of Mars (Repeat from Friday)
1800-2000 - Logopolis
The Doctor and his companions travel to Logopolis, a planet of brilliant mathematicians, in order to repair the chameleon circuit in the TARDIS. It's Tom Baker's last adventure as The Doctor.
2000-2200 - Earthshock
The Cybermen plan to crash a spaceship into prehistoric Earth, deleting the human race from history.

Sunday 4th April
1200-1350 - Logopolis (Repeat from Saturday)
1350-1540 - Earthshock (Repeat from Saturday)
1540-1730 - Revenge of the Cybermen
The Doctor faces an old enemy on the planet of gold.
1730-1930 - The Caves of Androzani
When the Doctor faces a shadowy adversary on the planet Androzani Minor, he and companion Peri are lethally poisoned with Spectrox.
1930-2200 - The Two Doctors
Two versions of the time-travelling hero face both the warrior Sontarans and an alien race that is obsessed with food in Spain.

Monday 5th April
1200-1350 - Warriors of the Deep
In 2084, a cold war rages on Earth while deep beneath the oceans, intelligent reptile creatures from the time of the dinosaurs plot to destroy the human race.
1350-1540 - Revenge of the Cybermen (Repeat from Sunday)
1540-1740 - Caves of Androzani (Repeat from Sunday)
1740-2010 - The Two Doctors (Repeat from Sunday)
2010-2200 - Warriors of the Deep (Repeat from earlier)