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3/12/2010 11:27:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

BBC Radio 7BBC Radio 7 will be broadcasting a number of Doctor Who related programmes in their 7th Dimension science fiction segment in the coming months.

The memoirs of Barry Letts will be broadcast over seven weeks from the end of March; "Barry Letts - Who and Me" is read by the late producer himself, delving into his career up to and including Doctor Who. (The autobiography is still currently available in print from publisher Fantom Films.)

In April, three BBC Audio Books will be broadcast; The Giant Robot, The Brain of Morbius, Creature from the Pit are all adaptations of the original Target novelisations, and are read by the 'Doctor' himself, Tom Baker.

The 7th Dimension is presented by the modern voice of the Daleks and Cybermen, Nicholas Briggs; the strand in the past has often featured Doctor Who, including new adventures for the Eighth Doctor as portrayed by Paul McGann.