Bookmark and Share Peter Davison dismisses Doctors reunion

2/02/2010 08:44:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

During an interview on the Alan Titchmarsh Show this afternoon, former Doctor Peter Davison was asked about a possible reunion with all the remaining Doctors:
I've not heard anything about it, I doubt that it would happen. I mean, there aren't that many of us left, you see! And what would have to happen, they'd have to get replacements, people that looked a bit like the characters who are no longer with us ... I just don't see it happening - I mean I wouldn't rule it out absolutely, but I can't imagine.

Discussion also turned to David Tennant (who is going out with his daughter Georgia Moffett):
He's got the best deal in Doctor Who ... there is a version of his Doctor that is actually ageing on Earth, because there were two of them - a sort of clone - so he can be brought back at any time. It's a brilliant deal! I have to try and look thirty years younger, but he'll be absolutely fine!

Davison - who was on the show to promote his current show Legally Blonde - was also a little bemused by a clip of Mawdryn Undead being used as an introduction for him, citing that Titchmarsh has a habit of showing clips of him that are older than the previous one each time he appears on the programme!