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2/17/2010 05:48:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

Today's edition of Blue Peter saw the announcement of the winners for their competition to design a Doctor Who console. Of the thousands of entries received, the eventual final three designs selected from the age categories were chosen by Blue Peter editor Tim Levell, Doctor Who production designer Edward Thomas, and head writer Steven Moffat; the overall winner was then picked by new Doctor Matt Smith, who chose the design by Susannah from the 11-12 year old category.

Susannah, from Lancashire, will see her design used in an episode of the forthcoming series (to be filmed in Block 7 over the next few weeks), and will get to visit the set with Blue Peter during the production.

The winners in the other categories were Joshua in the 6-7 and Laura in the 8-10 categories. A full list of the runners up is currently available on the Blue Peter competitions page, which also includes a video of the competition winners being announced.

The episode is available to UK viewers on the BBC iplayer for the next seven days.