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1/28/2010 08:31:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Filming for Matt Smith's first series as the Doctor continues with the team returning to a location they have used already for scenes earlier in the series.

Details and photos below.
The production team has returned to the Old Vicarage in Rhymney in South Wales. Filming took place at this location in October for what is believed to be episode one of the new series. The TARDIS prop is present, under a tarpaulin, in the vicarage garden. Although all the filming has taken place inside the Vicarage so far, lights have been rigged in the garden ready for a future scene. The windows of the vicarage have been blacked out. Matt Smith has been seen on location today.

We understand Location filming will take place at Stonehenge sometime next week.

Photos courtesy of ahremsee of Gallifrey Base. Information from The Silver Cloak