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1/19/2010 01:34:00 am - Reported by Marcus

DVD extras for two stories in the forthcoming DVD box set, Myths and Legends, have been cleared by the British Board of Film Classification.

hornsofnimonFor The Time Monster, 35 minutes of extras have been cleared to accompany the six part story.
  • Between Now... And Now! Science and the Time Monster (Featurette) 23'37"
  • Episode Three (Restoration Comparison) 3'21"
  • Photo Gallery 7'59"

timemonstertFor the four part Horns of Nimon, a total of 48 minutes of extras have been cleared.
  • Who Peter - Partners in Time - 1963-1989 (Featurette) 29'55"
  • Part Two - Music Demos 2'55"
  • Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre (Easter Egg) 1'18"
  • Read the Writer - Anthony Read remembers 6'26"
  • Photo Gallery 7'51"
Details for the third story in the set, Underworld, should be cleared soon. The box set is released in the UK on 29th March.