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12/11/2009 03:33:00 am - Reported by Marcus

Final Ratings Data is now available for the entire run of Series Three of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The final two episodes of the series got a rating of 0.95 million for Part One of The Gift and 0.89 million for Part Two. The audience share for both episodes was 7%.

The ratings were once again much higher than the average for BBC One at this time of day with the programmes reaching three times as many viewers as is usual for the timeslot. The audience profile was consistent with this time of day suggesting that The Sarah Jane Adventures was being seen by a substantial number of its target audience on CBBC.

A comparison with other new CBBC shows transmitted at this time shows just how well the show is doing with The Sarah Jane Adventures getting more than double the average achieved by other programmes.

The highest rated episodes of the series were the two parts of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, which saw David Tennant guest starring as the Doctor. This episode also scored the highest AI figure for the series with a score of 89.

Full Audience data is available on Gallifrey Base.