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12/18/2009 08:19:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

Every year there is speculation on which show will top the British TV ratings on Christmas Day. Fans and media commentators also speculate how well Doctor Who will fare against other festive programmes.

This year, the odds given by online betting company Skybet place Doctor Who as coming in second place at 6/4, with the top spot expected to be Eastenders with its usual 'explosive' Christmas storyline, at 4/6. Third place is given to the other perennial soap Coronation Street, at 12/1.

Most popular programme of the year (so far!) has been the ITV juggernaut The X-Factor, which saw a peak of some 19m+ viewers tune in to the final last weekend. In terms of average ratings for the entire programme, the final Britain's Got Talent, also on ITV1, in May, is currently the top-rated show of 2009.

Doctor Who's success on Christmas Day for previous years:
2005: The Christmas Invasion, 9.84m(2); Eastenders, 10.60m(1)
2006: The Runaway Bride, 9.35m(4); Eastenders, 9.40m/11.56m(3/2); The Vicar of Dibley, 12.39m(1)
2007: Voyage of the Damned, 13.31m(2); Eastenders, 14.38m(1)
2008: The Next Doctor, 13.10m(2); Wallace and Gromit, 16.15m(1)

Tune in for The End of Time part one on Christmas Day, BBC1/HD, 6:00pm!