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12/03/2010 01:35:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

Toy company Character, makers of the popular Doctor Who range of classic and new series figures, have announced that they have seen a 24% increase in sales in 2010. The company suffered last year from the closure of high street store Woolworths, reporting a loss of £2.2m for 2009; however, inroads into other retailers and large supermarkets have enabled the company to recover, reporting a profit of £7.6m in August. Christmas is expected to boost their profits for the overall year, and the company aims to increase its market share in the UK from 4% to 5-6% next year.

Finance Director Kiran Shah told news agency Reuters:
We expect to perform very well this Christmas, our sales so far are better than last year. This is mainly down to our good product range. We expect the Doctor Who, ZhuZhu and Armed Forces Collection brands to be our best-sellers.

Character's range of figures seems to rise exponentially, with a multitude of new releases for both the new series and the classic series range, many of which are available as exclusives in the UK through sci-fi retailer Forbidden Planet. Here are three recent sets from the classics range: the Sixth Doctor and "Stealth Cyberman" from Attack of the Cybermen; Cyberleader and Cybermen from Revenge of the Cybermen; and coming out next week Peri and Sil from Vengeance on Varos.