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11/16/2009 08:05:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Final figures now available for the third story in Series Three of The Sarah Jane Adventures show that part one had an audience of 1.59 million, a 13% share of the audience, with part two being watched by 1.47 million – a 12% share.

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith featured a guest appearance from David Tennant. The figures are spectacularly good for BBC One at this time of day and substantially above the initially reported overnight figures. The average audience in this time slot, for this year, is 0.37 million. Over 35% of the audience was in the 4–15 age range, roughly the same percentage other CBBC programmes achieve, indicating the programme is reaching its target audience.

Excluding bank holidays and special events such as the Olympics and the World Cup, the last time a CBBC programme scored higher ratings at this time was an edition of The Basil Brush show on 23 December 2003.

An additional 300,000 have watched the episodes on iPlayer.

Full Audience data for series three is available here.