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11/26/2010 01:50:00 pm - Reported by Harry Ward

The WhoNews iPhone app has been performing well in Apple's app store.

As we reported earlier this week, 100% of the profits made from the sales will be going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Paul Gee, creator of the Doctor Who News application has written on his blog about the success.

Day One

Wow what a day. I never expected this level of support from Who fans all over the world. You’ve propelled WhoNews to #2 in the UK App Store News chart, just behind one of the national newspaper apps. In the US WhoNews has soared into the top 40 of News apps which is a great achievement.

So total downloads for day 1 were 88 worldwide, which may not sound a great deal but let me tell you it is 30-40 times the normal download rate. If the momentum can be maintained for 1 week at that rate you would have raised nearly £1000 or $1500. A sum like that is beyond what I hoped to raise over the 30 days.

So a huge thank you for all your support and I intended to reward your efforts with a major upgrade which I shall be working on over the Christmas period.

Day Two

Well I’ve received the second days sales figures and we had a slight drop from 88 to 77 but this is still an amazing level of support and as a consequence I can tell you that together we’ve raised £260.55

Having looked a the UK Make-A-Wish website a sum of £200 would send a child to Florida to swim with dolphins and £50 would buy a uniform for a child to dress up as a policemen, fireman or may be even the Doctor.

It will be interesting to see the yesterday’s figures as WhoNews was constantly high in the US and UK charts throughout the day. So hopefully we can stay around the 70 downloads.

I know I mention the UK and US a lot but the rest of the world is doing it’s bit with terrific support from Australia, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, France, Estonia, Germany and New Zealand.

Tomorrow I will reveal which country has contributed the most so far..... just for a little healthy international competition :)

Thanks for all support from where ever you are and keep spreading the word.

WhoNews is available for for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Click the button below to purchase the app via iTunes.