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11/26/2010 02:23:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

The Sun reports the Doctor Who Christmas Special, A Christmas Carol, has been scheduled for 7:00pm on Christmas Day.

 5.30 TBA
 6.30 TBA
 7.00 Doctor Who
 8.00 The One Ronnie
 9.00 The Royle Family
No further information on the two "TBA" entries is known at present, though previous years have seen an edition of Eastenders and Strictly Come Dancing broadcast on Christmas Day.

Scheduling for the period has yet to be finalised, so the times/programmes might change.

Meanwhile, in the Radio Times for the 11-17th December: "Matt Smith reveals the secrets of Doctor Who's Christmas cracker". Though not mentioned in the preceeding issue, recent years have seen a cover dedicated to Doctor Who over the run-up to Christmas (you can see previous covers on the Radio Times website).

The Radio Times site also has a preview for A Christmas Carol.

It is still possible to order the Radio Times exclusive posters and Companion guide.