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6/09/2009 11:27:00 am - Reported by Chuck Foster

Experience Design, the team behind the Doctor Who Up Close exhibition in Cardiff Bay, have announced plans to open a Torchwood-themed exhibition in the Bay area.

The ambitious plan aims to reconstruct sets from the Torchwood Hub seen in the series, based across two levels, including an upstairs recreation of the Cardiff Bay watertower with lift to the "hub" below! It is also hoped that costumes from the series will also be on show.

Head designer of Experience Design, Martin Wilkie, said: "A Torchwood Exhibition would be a great addition to the Bay area. We have looked at several sites for a Torchwood Exhibition but we are hoping that this one might be available soon. The appeal of Torchwood brings many visitors to Cardiff Bay, especially to see the Torchwood Water Tower. The building we are hoping to use for the Torchwood Exhibition is near this famous TV landmark."

A Georgian building in Bute Crescent has been identified as a possible location for the exhibition, and Cardiff council are currently reviewing the application, which is hoped to open in July.

In the news: BBC South Wales, South Wales Echo.