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10/09/2008 04:03:00 am - Reported by Marcus

The latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures, the BBC's weekly comic for younger fans, has been released in the UK. The latest issue contains information on the return of the Eighth Doctor to the airwaves on BBC7, and the second part of the magazine's K9 competition. Also included this week are:
o Three posters - Charlotte Abigail Lux, the Doctor and the Toclafane, and Donna and the Time Beetle.

o Fact file: Terrifying Toclafane.

o Tales from the TARDIS: Scares and shocks in the Library.

o Who knows: What are the Sea Devils and what happened in the first-ever episode?

o CAL interviewed: a chat with Eve Newton, who played Charlotte in Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead.

o Sarah Jane Adventures: Find out about Commander Kaagh and get a preview of the next story, Day of the Clown.

o How to draw: Create your own Davros.

o Who’s Where? A trip to Pompeii for a fun search.

o Ultimate Tenth Doctor: The start of a new guide to the current Doctor.

o Comic strip: Washed Away part two.

o Woven word whirl: Work out the word whirl and win a book

o Win: Merchandise up for grabs.