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7/07/2008 08:02:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

The final episode of Series Four, Journey's End, was the most-watched programme of the past week, according to unofficial overnights.

Although the men's final at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships peaked with an audience of 12.7 million, the average for the whole programme was only 7.4 million.

If this is confirmed when final figures are published byBARB in nine days' time then Journey's End will have achieved the highest chart position in Doctor Who's history.

The Appreciation Index for the programme was once more an incredible 91. For a minority programme on a digital channel, a score of over 90 is very unusual. For the most watched programme of the week to score this high is is virtually unprecedented and a massive achievement for the programme.

Sunday's BBC3 repeat got an overnight audience of 0.99 million viewers. It was a 4.4% share of the multichannel audience and the most-watched programme on all multichannel TV for Sunday, with nearly twice the audience of the second-placed Family Guy. Another 400,000 viewed or downloaded the episode using the BBC iPlayer over the past two days.

Saturday's edition of Doctor Who Confidential was watched by a record 1.32 million viewers, the highest ever achieved for this programme. It had a share of 7.6 % and was the most-watched on multichannel television on Saturday. The Sunday repeat had 0.42 million watching.

Doctor Who was also number one on Friday's multichannel list, with the repeat of The Stolen Earth getting 0.59 million watching. The earlier repeat ofTurn Left got 0.35 million viewers and was 12th for the day.

Both The Stolen Earth and Journey's End will be repeated next Sunday afternoon on BBC1.