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7/24/2008 06:34:00 pm - Reported by Josiah Rowe

At 9pm BST tonight (Thursday), BBC One will air John Barrowman: The Making of Me, the first part of a series in which celebrities investigate the causes behind their "defining trait". In subsequent instalments, violinist Vanessa-Mae will investigate the roots of her musical talent, and sprinter Colin Jackson will investigate what makes him fast; in tonight's segment, Barrowman will investigate what makes him gay. The programme considers factors both social (Barrowman visits his family and talks about his childhood) and biological (he undergoes brain scans and genetic testing).

Barrowman and his sister Carol have co-written an article about the question for BBC News Magazine. One segment from the programme can be seen on the BBC Magazine page, and another is also available on BBC News' site. Barrowman has also been interviewed by The Guardian in conjunction with the special; the New Statesman also has a review.