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7/07/2008 09:20:00 pm - Reported by Adam Kirk

Excellent Australian ratings continue for Doctor Whodown under with it topping the elusive one million mark for the second week in a row. Partners in Crimerated 1,112,000 viewers in the five major capital cities, coming third in its timeslot and was the the top ABCprogramme for the day (and 9th overall). TheConfidential Cutdown version of 'A Noble Return' also rated very well gaining 921,000 viewers in the five major capital cities. The record-breaking Voyage of the Damned was also the ABC's top-rating programme of the week (coming 23rd overall).

Meanwhile, Crikey has previewed 'Voyage' and Series 4 saying '[f]orget about reality and indulge in a top class piece of escapism every Sunday evening . . . Let a Doctor banish any Sunday night blues for the next 14 weeks.' Karen Brooks of The Courier-Mail also writes of the good Doctor's appeal in that 'he continues to celebrate and believe in humanity's unquenchable goodness and our ability to survive and help each other.' CitySearch also describes 'Partners' as having 'some great laugh-out-loud moments' and 'a promising start to an interesting season.'

Meanwhile The Weekend Australia has described Catherine Tate as 'lovely and talented' and Sarah Lancashire as 'superb' in its preview of 'Partners' while Scott Jenkins of 'The Daily Telegraph' also previews 'Partners', calling it 'one that should please fans and newcomers alike' and is 'great fun.'

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