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4/02/2008 08:01:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

In this week's Radio Times, Russell T Davies talks about how he goes about casting Doctor Who. "You can't really write with a guest star in mind - well, only in very exceptional cases. Kylie Minogue was one. There's a great danger in writing for someone and then they get offered a film, or they just don't fancy it. So it's dangerous territory to enter."

One of the things I love about this job is working with actors. It's such a strange process where you hand the script over to a bunch of complete strangers, but you have to trust them, and when you cast it well, that trust is paid back. Undoubtedly, they have fun doing it, but not so much fun that it looks like fun on screen." Every guest actor says, "My children would have killed me if I hadn't taken the part." Even those who haven't got children have nephews and nieces. Not just some of them say it – every single one of them does. It's a litany as they arrive. And it's absolutely true!"

Catherine Tate tells of her reaction when asked to reprise the role of Donna Noble, "I couldn’t have been more surprised. I went out to lunch with [executive producer] Julie Gardner and I thought we were just there to chat. When people say, “My jaw hit the floor". I know what they mean!". David Tennant talks about the Doctor's reaction to the reunion. "He’s pretty gobsmacked. Donna’s quite a force of nature, she doesn’t really take no for an answer."

The Magazine also contains an article on first producer Verity Lambert, and looks ahead to the tribute on BBC Fourthis weekend. It was to Lambert’s 60s version that Davies turned for inspiration when kick-starting new Doctor Who in 2005, because, "It was before the series became bogged down in any continuity. There was just mystery. An open road – that’s what she created."