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4/12/2008 07:36:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Doctor Who Adventures issue 59, is out now across the United kingdom.
Press Release

David Tennant talks about Doctor Who!

Doctor Who made an action-packed return to BBC One last Saturday! In this week’s issue of Doctor Who Adventures, you’ll find an interview with actor David Tennant, who talks about Donna and all things Who…

On Donna: "Usually I get all the funny lines but this year it's more shared out. The Doctor can get a bit pompous now and again – and Donna will cut him dead if he’s getting too big for his boots!"

On his favourite control in the TARDIS: "My favourites are the ones I can rely on. Sometimes they just come away in my hand! I like the big lever that is the take-off switch. It's probably the only one I haven't broken yet!"

On meeting the Fifth Doctor: "It was very exciting for me because I was a proper fan when he was the Doctor. It was all a bit too much for me to be honest! The first time we ran through the lines it was a very out-of-body experience. I was slightly nervous and overcome!" Read the whole interview in the issue!

This week’s Doctor Who Adventures magazine comes with a free set of Doctor Who magnets and the first part of a massive double-sided poster – with the Doctor on one side and all the monsters from series one on the other. Miss it and miss out!

Posters: Pig Slaves, Partners in Crime, the Doctor, Martha and Judoon
Tales from the TARDIS: Lucy Saxon shoots the Master
Partners in Crime: top thrills from last week’s episode
The Fires of Pompeii: get ready for a trip to 79AD!
Fact file: 10 reasons why Doctor Who is the best show on TV
Activity: make a scary Scarecrow mask!
Doctor's Data: Rickston Slade – facts about the rude businessman from Voyage of the Damned.
Comic strip: part two of The Poison Planet – more danger on an alien world.
Time Teasers: Caan Confusion and Monster Mares – more puzzles, hosted by Bloodtide and Doomfinger.
Who knows! Is Jack the Face of Boe and who fought in the Time War?
Subscription offer: if you subscribe you’ll get a FREE Doctor Who audiobook – The Feast of the Drowned.