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4/16/2008 07:32:00 pm - Reported by Jarrod Cooper

Character Options has released the first photos of the upcoming Classic Seriesrange of 5 inch toys. Each figure pack will include a different part of the giant K-1 robot from the fourth Doctor's first story, Robot in 1974. When all eight packs are collected, the giant robot will be complete.

The first wave will include The Fourth Doctor, The Fifth Doctor, The Sixth Doctor, a Sea Devil, a Zygon, Magnus Greel and Mr Sin, SV7 and D84 (Robots of Death).

Also being launched is a Doctor Who 5 inch Classic Dalek Set – this set will include Daleks from The Dead Planet, (1963), The Planet of the Daleks, (1973) and Genesis of the Daleks (1975).

More information on this line can be found at

Thank You to John Davies from the Doctor Who Forum for assistance with this story!!