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3/08/2008 12:58:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Doctor Who's interactive services have been nominated for an International Emmy Award.

The nomination is for innovation on multi-media outlets to complement the broadcast programme and recognizes content on the web, Interactive TV and mobile phones.

Speaking to the official Doctor Who website, Interactive Producer Rob Francis said "The Doctor Who television series has always been at the forefront of creative innovation, and we've been determined that our interactive and online offerings are equally ambitious".

Since the return of the series in 2005, the BBC has launched a number of projects aimed at complementing the series. These include the interactive Christmas special, Attack Of The Graske, the Tardisodes for Season Two and the Comic Maker application, which allows fans to create their own online adventures.

Francis promised "some exciting new interactive features for Series Four".

Doctor Who is nominated along with Spooks, Emmerdale and The Truth About Marika. The winner will be announced in Cannes on 8th April 2008.