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2/22/2008 05:51:00 pm - Reported by Marcus

Wednesday's BBC2 showing of Episode Six of TorchwoodReset, was watched by an audience of 2.8 millionviewers, which was an 11.1% share of the total television audience. This episode had received its premiere on BBC3 the previous week, when it received an overnight of 807,000 viewers.

Episode Six of Torchwood Declassified (which, for the first time this year had its premiere on Wednesday, immediately after Reset) received an overnight figure of 1.6 million viewers.

Episode Seven, Dead Man Walking, received its first showing on BBC3 this week, where it got an overnight audience of 0.9 million.

Meanwhile, final figures released by BARB gave Episode Four, Meat an official rating of 3.2 million viewers, making it the second most watched programme on BBC2 for the week.

Finally, the AI figure for last week’s Adam was 85, while both the BBC3 premiere and the BBC2 showing of Resetscored 87, the highest score of the series to date.