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2/01/2008 11:11:00 pm - Reported by Chuck Foster

The BBC have announced that Doctor Who producer Phil Collinson will be moving to BBC Manchester to assume the role of Head of Drama. He is expected to begin his new job after the completion of Doctor Who's fourth series.

Peter Salmon, Chief Creative Officer of BBC Vision Productions, said: "Phil Collinson is a terrific addition to a brilliant top team working on in-house drama throughout the UK. His signing reflects renewed ambition and confidence here at the end of a stunning spell of output. BBC Drama Production is at the top of its game and Phil brings yet more experience and flair to in-house programme making. His arrival also marks the BBC's renewed commitment to Northern drama talent, at a time when its base in the North West of England is to be strengthened considerably throughout. BBC Drama Production will play a major role at the new BBC centre at mediacity:uk through Phil and his team."

Russell T Davies said: "Phil has been the secret hero of Doctor Who for the past four years, and we'll miss him more than I can say – but the most exciting thing about this new job is that so many more producers, writers and actors will get to work with him. I envy them!"

Full details may be found in the BBC's press release, and the news is also covered by the Guardian and The Stage.