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1/24/2008 12:45:00 pm - Reported by DWNP Archive

Posted By Brigadier Bill

In an interview with Sci Fi Wire John Barrowman spoke candidly on how long he will stay as Captain Jack.

"If I was asked to do Jack for the next five or six years I would do it with a big smile on my face, because I absolutely love playing him," Barrowman said in an interview. "When the time comes for us to close the page on Torchwood and Jack Harkness, I'm also then happy to do that when that decision is made. But I think it's got a bit of a life out there. Let's hope we get [season] three, [season] four and, hopefully, [season] five."

Barrowman also talks about the direction of series two and the differences between time travel on Doctor Who andTorchwood.